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Electric Starter Installation Check List
Sixth phase, Final steps to complete the installation.

Last updated 11/01/11

This check list will complete the conversion by re-installing all the parts removed in phase one.

Line No. Description Check
1 Install the lower shock mounting bolts, but do not tighten. .
2 Install the chain guard. .
3 Tighten the lower shock mounting bolts. .
4 Install the head steady parts that were removed. Make sure the ground wire is attached to the head steady bolt. .
5 Place the top two oil tank mounts into the frame. .
6 Place the oil tank into the frame, but do not fasten the top two mounts. Attaching the oil lines may be easier if you can jocky the oil tank around. .
7 Install the oil lines to the oil tank and the oil filter mount, if present. .
8 Install crank case breather line to the oil tank. .
9 Tighten all the oil tank mounts. .
10 Install the rocker feed oil line on the timing case. .
11 Install the right side rider's peg. Make sure the ground wire is attached to one through bolt. .
12 install the kickstart lever on the gearbox. .
13 install the shift lever on the gearbox. .
14 Install the two chain tensioner bolts into the swingarm. .
15 Install the rear sprocket/brake drum. .
16 Install the rear wheel. .
17 install the drive chain. .
18 Adjust the rear chain and the alignment of the rear wheel. .
19 Install the left side rider's peg. .
20 Install the left side rider's peg. .
21 If you have a 750 center stand, drill out the mounting holes to 11/16". .
22 Install the center stand and spring. .
23 Add gearbox oil in gearbox. .
24 Add engine oil in both the engine and the oil tank. .
25 Remove the bike from the bike stand. We have to lift a bike on to our bike stand, so we have to do this step before we can install the tank and seat. .
26 Install the seat and the gas tank. .

We estimate this step will take approximately 4 hours.

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