Old Britts
Electric Starter Installation Check List
Fifth phase, Installing the primary drive.

Last updated 11/01/11

This check list contains the steps to install the primary drive and testing that the starter will turn over the engine.

Line No. Description Check
1 Thread the rear chain through the starter bracket and back to the rear of the bike. .
2 Clean the engine where the inner primary gasket mounts between the engine and the inner primary cover. .
3 Apply gasket sealer to one side of the inner primary gasket (06-0711) and the engine. .
4 Affix the gasket to the engine. Since the inner primary is dry, there is no reason to seal the inner primary to the engine. .
5 If this is a late model 750 where the breather housing mounts to the lower crank, it may be easier to install the breather hose now. This hose can be installed with a long screw driver later, but it is easier at this stage. .
6 Install the inner primary cover:
  • Apply Blue Loctite 242 to all five screw threads.
  • Start the three 1/4" x 20 17/32" long bolts (06-0375) and three tab washers (06-0395) that secure the front to the engine. Place the tab washer under the bolt head with the long tab between the tab bosses of the inner primary cover and the small bent tab facing the bolt head. Do not tighten them up yet.
  • Start the two 1/4" x 20 1/2" long countersunk allen screws that secure the rear to the starter bracket.
  • Torque the three bolts and two screws to 60 in.lb.
  • Bend the tabs around the three bolt heads.
7 If a new clutch center (06-3979) was not installed in the new belt drive clutch basket by Old Britts, you will need to install your old clutch center into the new clutch basket.
  • Remove the inner circlip (06-0753) from the back of the clutch center.
  • Press the clutch center out of your old clutch basket.
  • Verify that the tab washer (06-3459) does not stick through the clutch center too far. If so file down the tab until it is flush with the inside of the clutch center.
  • Press the clutch center into the new clutch basket.
  • Install the inner circlip.
8 If you removed the clutch location circlip (06-0752) from the gearbox main shaft, install this circlip. .
9 Install the stepped clutch location spacer (06-0747) on to the main shaft. The indent on this spacer fits over the circlip. .
10 If Old Britts included any clutch shims, place them on the main shaft. .
11 Place the clutch basket on the main shaft. Spin the clutch basket to verify that it is not rubbing on the inner primary case. If it is rubbing, make sure that the spacer and any shims are properly installed. If there is still rubbing, STOP THE INSTALLATION and call Old Britts (253) 735-2375. .
12 First place the tab washer (06-3459), then the fixing nut washer and finally the fixing nut on the main shaft. .
13 Torque the clutch fixing nut to 40 ft.lb. using the clutch locking tool (06-1015). .
14 Try the starter to verify that the starter motor will turn the ring gear. If it does not turn the ring gear, make sure that the spacer and any shims are properly installed. If it still does not turn the ring gear, STOP THE INSTALLATION and call Old Britts (253) 735-2375. .
15 Bend one or two tabs over the clutch fixing nut. .
16 Place the engine sprocket key (06-7595) into the crank shaft key way. .
17 Place the engine pulley on the crank shaft. .
18 Inset the drive belt over the drive pulley and the clutch basket. .
19 Place the outer plate on the crank shaft. .
21 Place the alternator rotor key (06-5718) into the crank shaft key way. .
22 Place the alternator rotor on the crank shaft. You may want to dry fit the alternator stator to verify that it is centered in the stator and determine if any shims are required. .
23 Thread the rotor washer (06-7894) and rotor nut (06-0387) on to the crank shaft and torque to 70 ft.lb. .
24 You can try the starter now and verify that the starter will turn over the engine. .
25 Insert the clutch plates and the clutch pressure plate into the clutch basket. .
26 Using the Clutch Spring Compression Tool (06-0999) compress the spring and insert into the clutch basket. .
27 Insert the clutch spring circlip (06-0751) into its groove. If the circlip does not fit, file the ends until it does fit. .
28 Remove the Clutch Spring Compression Tool. .
29 Remove the gearbox inspection cover and connect the clutch cable, making sure the clutch operating lever is fit properly. .
30 Thread the clutch adjuster (06-1179) into the diaphragm spring and adjust the clutch. .
31 Lock the clutch adjustment by tightening the adjuster nut (06-0005). .
32 Screw the three alternator studs (06-0386) into the inner primary case. .
33 Place the three spacers (06-0377) on the alternator studs. .
34 If you are going to replace the alternator grommet (06-0903), slide it over the alternator wires with the conical end going on first. .
35 Place the stator on the studs. .
40 place the washers (00-0011) and nuts (06-0700) on the studs and torque to 15 ft.lb. .
41 Verify that the rotor is centered in the stator and that the rotor does not touch the stator as it rotates. If not centered, loosen the nuts and tap on the stator to get it centered, then repeat step 40. .
42 Thread the alternator wires through the inner primary case and insert the grommet. .
43 Wire tie the alternator wires to the inner primary case stud boss. .
44 Place the 3/8 x 24 bolt (52-110203) and its washer (00-0010/SS), from the inside, through the outer primary case original attachment hole, then thread the old attachment nut (06-0367) and its washer (06-0368) through the case. .
45 Place the chaincase rubber O-ring into the inner primary case groove. .
46 Install the outer primary case using the two supplied 5/16 x 24 allen bolts (52-130204). .

We estimate this step will take approximately 3 hours.

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