Old Britts
Electric Starter Installation Check List
First phase, removing the engine cradle and swingarm.

Last updated 11/01/11

This check list pertains to the removal of the engine cradle and swingarm required before installing the Old Britts electric starter upgrade. It is assumed that anyone performing this work has basic mechanical skills, is familiar with Commandos, and has a good set of both SAE and Whitworth tools. There are three special factory tools required for this phase and are available from Old Britts or you may already possess them. The three special factory tools are listed below in the steps requiring them.

Line No. Description Check
1 Remove the seat and the gas tank. .
2 Put bike on a stand so the rear wheel and engine cradle can be removed. .
3 Drain engine oil in both the engine and the oil tank. .
4 Disconnect battery and remove from battery box. .
5 Remove the rear brake cable. .
6 Remove the left side rider's peg. .
7 Drain primary case oil by removing the outer primary case. .
8 Remove the rear wheel. .
9 Remove the drive chain. .
10 Remove the rear sprocket/brake drum. .
11 Remove alternator stator and stator wire. .
12 Remove the clutch adjuster and nut. .
13 Using the Clutch Spring Compression Tool 06-0999 remove the clutch diaphram spring. .
14 Remove all the clutch plates. .
15 Install the Clutch Locking Tool 06-1015. .
16 Remove alternator rotor nut and rotor. .
17 Remove the clutch fixing nut. .
18 Using the Sprocket/Clutch Center Puller 06-4297 loosen the engine sprocket on the crank shaft. .
19 Remove the clutch sprocket, engine sprocket and primary chain. .
20 Remove the three inner primary case fixing bolts. .
21 Remove the inner primary case. .
22 Remove the primary case mounting stud from the engine cradle. .
23 Remove the right side rider's peg. .
24 Remove the kickstart lever from the gearbox. .
25 Remove the shift lever from the gearbox. .
26 Remove the clutch cable from the gearbox. .
27 Remove the rocker feed oil line from the timing case. .
28 Remove the oil lines and the junction block from the timing case. .
29 Remove the oil tank. .
30 Remove the battery box. .
31 Remove the center stand and spring. .
32 Remove the bottom two studs from the stock head steady. For all aftermarket head steadies, remove them. This is to allow the engine to be raised slightly to remove the lower engine mounting bolt. .
33 Remove the three rear engine mounting bolts. .
34 Remove both gearbox mounting bolts and the top adjuster assembly. .
35 For late model 750s, remove the breather housing from back of the crank case. .
36 Remove the gearbox sprocket. .
37 Remove the chain guard. .
38 Remove the lower shock mounting bolts. .
39 Remove the oil filter and the filter housing. .
40 Loosen the front of the rear fender and remove the horn. This needs to be done so the engine cradle and swingarm can be removed in one piece. This is necessary for the way bikes are mounted on our stand. If the way your bike is mounted and you can drop the engine cradle down, you will not have to remove the horn. .
41 Remove the gearbox. .
42 Remove the rear isolastic mounting stud. .
43 Now remove the engine cradle and the swingarm. .

We estimate this step will take approximately 6 hours.

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