Old Britts
Electric Starter Installation Check Lists

Last updated 11/01/11

The following check lists pertain to the installation of the Old Britts electric starter upgrade. It is assumed that anyone performing this installation has basic mechanical skills, is familiar with Commandos, and has a good set of both SAE and Whitworth tools. Any special tools will be addressed in the check list requiring the tool.

We estimate that with a competent Norton mechanic and if all goes well, this conversion can be accomplished in approximately 19 hours or about 2 1/2 days. We put or time estimates at the end of each check list, so you can estimate the time for each step.

  • First phase, Removing the engine cradle and swingarm.
  • Second phase, Preparing parts to send to Old britts for modification and determining if any required parts need to be ordered.
  • Third phase, Mounting the swingarm onto the engine cradle and re-assembling the engine cradle onto the bike.
  • Fourth phase, Installing starter and testing the wiring.
  • Fifth phase, Installing the primary drive.
  • Sixth phase, Final stage of the installation.

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