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Fastening Spoke Weights
by Fred Eaton


This article covers the procedure to mount spoke weights to the spokes so they do not come loose. This procedure has been developed for passing technical inspection on my Commando race bike. I do not like the stick-on wheel weights that most shops use, since I have not had much luck with them sticking to my highly polished aluminum shouldered rims and I do not like the looks of the stick-on weights. Only spoke weights were used by the factory, so I recommend them for restoration projects.

I do not mount and balance tires; I have my local Honda shop do that since they can computer balance the tire. I take in an assortment of weights and they tape the weight to the spoke so I can mount it as described. Normally it only takes one weight per tire, but in some cases they have used multiple weights on multiple spokes. See Spoke Weights, for the size and price of the weights we stock.


Weight taped to spoke

When you get the wheel back from having the tire mounted the weight should be taped to the spoke.

Tape to mark spot

Remove one weight at a time, if more than one weight is used, and leave the tape on the spoke, so you know from which spoke the weight came off.

Punch weight

Center punch the weight towards the top (top being the end of the weight farthest away from the rim) of the weight to help in drilling. I drill towards the top of the weight to allow for more room to work away from the rim.

Drill weight

Drill through both sides of the weight using 1/16" drill.

Weight on spoke

Safety wire the weight and put silicone sealer around the nipple.

Finished weight

Slide the weight down on the nipple and bend the end of the safety wire into the silicone. You can clean up the excess silicone after it hardens.

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