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Simplified Wiring Diagrams


This article will hopefully simplify the wiring on Norton Commandos. We will breake out the wiring into self contained groups, ignoring all components except what is included in that group.

Charging Systems:


Upgraded 1 phase

Upgraded 2 phase

Alt Info

Ignition Systems:

Power Arc Electronic Ignition

Power Arc


Boyer 2 coils - Positive Ground

Boyer Dyna coil - Positive Ground

Boyer Dyna coil - Negitive ground

Lighting Systems:



For MK3 Commandos with a Boyer Ignition a power relay will help eliminate back firing since the Boyer really likes 12v. This would not be needed for the Power Arc ignition since it will work down to 6v.

Boyer Dyna coil - Power relay

Boyer & regulator - Negitive ground

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