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Since most of the articles on this page have been written or compiled by Old Britts, if you have any questions about an article on this page, don't hesitate to call us and we will gladly try to answer your questions. As a great man once said, "Something is intuitively obvious when you have done it enough times to get it right." We try to update the articles as information changes or we find a better way to do something. As we learn more about Nortons, we find we know less about Nortons, so please read our articles as helpful information, but not the final word on how something should be done. Asking a group of ten Norton owners how to do something is like asking ten IRS agents about a tax question -- with the IRS you will normally get ten different answers, with Norton owners you may get 11 different answers.


Installing the MK3 swingarm lubrication system and swingarm on the engine cradle, Added 02/21/10

Modify Pre-MK3 Commando Swingarm for MK3 Lubrication, Added 02/06/10

Oil Lines on a Commando, Added 01/05/06

Upgrading the 750 Frame Loop Support, Added 01/24/05

Upgrading the 1971 Side Stand Lug, Added 01/24/05

Alternative way to mount the front fender on Commandos, Added 11/06/04

Powder Coating a Commando Frame and Frame Parts, Added 09/11/03

Converting a MK3 to Pea Shooter Mufflers, Added 03/18/02

Installing the oil filter conversion kit on Commandos, Added 03/12/00

Tightening the Exhaust nuts on a Norton Commando, Added 05/05/97

Removing the swinging arm spindle, Added 03/03/04

Wheels & brakes

Commando Wheel Bearing and Seal Chart, Added 07/24/14

Commando Front Disc Upgrade Information, Added 07/25/06

Safety Wiring Brake Rotors, Added 02/16/05

Commando Front Drum Upgrade Information, Added 10/18/04

Commando Caliper Rebuild Instructions, Added 08/18/04

MK3 Rear Master Cylinder Rebuild Information, Added 05/05/04

Making Braided Oil and Brake Lines, Added 06/12/96, Updated 07/23/03

Wheel Bearing Upgrade Instructions, Added 02/13/02, Updated 04/06/04

Wheel Lacing Information, Added 02/25/04

Fastening Spoke Weights, Added 09/21/04

Norton Drum Brake Performance Kit, Added 04/26/99


Intermediate Gears Comparison, Added 08/01/17

The work and parts that may go into rebuilding a cylinder Head, Added 08/22/16

Calculate Compression Raito & CCing a Head, Added 09/03/11

Modified Tachdrive Housing, With Oil Seal, Added 10/12/09

Fixing stripped drain plug on 72 to 75 crank cases, Added 03/07/08

Crank Shaft Shims, Added 03/23/06

Cam Bushing Information, Added 06/13/04

Painting the Crank Cases, Added 11/10/03

Crank Case Bearing Removal, Added 11/10/03

MK3 Crank Case Puller, Added 04/04/03

Pre-MK3 Crank Case Puller, Added 01/27/04

Oil Pressure gauge and why run one, Added 06/01/04

Oil Pressure Loss, Norton 750cc (1972-73), Added 05/07/96, Updated 02/08/04

Removing and Fitting the Tappets, Added 03/18/01

Engine building check lists, Added 02/24/04

Gear Box, Clutch, Primary, Final Drives and Starter Information

Installation instructions for Old Britts Electric start conversion, Added 08/30/11

Eliminating oil leaks due to pressure build up in the Commando gearbox, Added 07/30/11

Commando Gearbox -- How does it work?, Added 02/02/05, Updated 07/27/12

Dismantling and inspecting the Commando gearbox, Added 02/03/05

Eliminating oil leaks due to pressure build up in the Commando gearbox, Added 02/02/05

Assembling the Commando gearbox, Added 02/03/05, Updated 08/11/09

Gearbox assembling Check Lists, Added 04/08/05, Updated 08/11/09

Converting a Commando to an O-Ring chain, Added 04/28/04

Comparisons between the Pre-MK3 kickstart arm and the MK3 kickstart arm., Added 06/04/04

Pictorial help with installing the E-start starter gear train, Added 01/23/03, Updated 09/03/08

Overload backfire device assembly and adjustment , Added 09/03/08

Commando Clutch Plate Information, Added 08/20/02


Throttle Setup for Twin Mikuni carbs., Added 09/03/11

Modifying K&N air filters for twin Mikuni carburetors., Added 07/13/05

Amal Concentrics, How they Work and Tuning, Added 03/19/99, Updated 06/02/03

Electrical & Electronics

Some notes about the 06-8069 (71 -74) main wiring harness, Added 02/03/16

Checking out your bike's charging system , Added 12/21/12

Power Arc Ignition information and Installation, Added 03/28/11

Positive Ground Rectifier and wiring, Added 04/28/10

Starting Capacitor Information, Added 10/30/10

Simplified Wiring Diagrams, Added 03/23/06, Updated 04/09/13

Ignition Switch and Lock Assembly, How they fit together & Wiring, Added 12/08/05, Updated 04/28/10

Lucas Bullet Type Terminal and Installation, Added 08/27/04

12 V Dyna Coils, Wiring Diagram & Mounting Kit, Added 04/06/04

Commando Alternator Information, Added 11/03/00

Troubleshooting the Boyer Bransden MKIII Ignition Units, Added 07/02/97

Installing the Boyer Bransden MKIII Ignition on Nortons, Updated 05/15/02


The Old Britts shop bike stands, Added 09/29/11

Calculate Miles Per Hour for a Commando gearbox, Added 12/17/04

Drifts used in building a Commando, Added/Updated 02/03/05

Norton Torque Specifications, Added 02/10/96, Updated 10/03/09

Commando Pit Stand, Added 06/19/02

Factory and Special Tools, a listing of the factory and special after market tools that are available for Nortons and descriptions on their use, Added 03/18/01

Installing seat covers sold by Old Britts , Added 01/23/98

Installation of Waterslide Transfers, Added 11/06/97

Installing Vinyl Decals, Added 07/26/97

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