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Old Britts Check Lists
By: Fred Eaton

Last updated 02/12/04

These are the check lists that I have developed over time and thought they may come in handy. I follow a check list when building engines to make sure I do not forget something that could cause a problem or make me take something back apart when I realize that I did forget something. If you do not have the luxury of spending uninterrupted hours on a project, like I do, you may find these check lists very helpful. They let you know where you left off and keep you from skipping a step.

I took a front engine mount, welded it to a base and bolted it to my work bench. This makes working on an engine cnnveient and comfortable. You can build a temporary mount out of wood or hold your engine between soft aluminum plates in your vise.

Engine on bench

I always keep my work area as clean as possible and when a project is interuped or even stopped for a couple of hours, I always protect the work that I have completed by completely covering the engine with a plastic bag as shown in the next picture.

Engine covered

I have more lists and will add them and update them as time goes on.

Engine Lists
  1. Lower End, Crank Case, list A, This check list pertains to rebuilding of the lower end of a Commando motor consisting of the crank cases, cam, and crank. (added or updated 02/20/04).
  2. Lower End, Timing Side, list B, This check list pertains to reassembling the cam chain, timing the cam, installing the oil pump, etc. (added or updated 02/20/04).

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