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We try to keep all information current, but regret that prices and availability are subject to change. Special Order Items (SO) are priced as of the last time we sold one.
Last updated 12/14/17.

Part Number
Qty. on Hand
Gearbox Lockring Socket, Andover Norton 0 OO
OB-70601 MK3 Crank Case Puller, Old Britts 0 OO
OB-70601/R MK3 Crank Case Puller, Rental, $30 Deposit 0 OO
OB-70602 Crank Case Puller, Pre-MK3, Old Britts 0 OO
OB-70602/R Crank Case Puller, Pre-MK3, Rental, $90 Deposit 0 OO

STATUS Codes: OO - On Order, SO - Special Order, OP - Out of Print, D - Dropped, BO - Back Ordered, NA - Not Available, U-Used. More Status Information

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