Old Britts
Building the Gearbox

Last updated 01/28/05

For the new bikes, we will assemble the gearboxs with all new parts. For the restoration, we will have to dismantle the gearbox, clean and inspect all gears and parts, replace worn parts, bead blast and paint the main and inner cases, polish the outer case and then assemble the gearbox. The factory shop manual goes into dismantling and assembling the gearbox, but we feel that a lot of the detail is unclear and will try to clarify with lots of pictures in our technical articles.

We have a cutaway gearbox that shows all the gears and moving parts that we will use for our technical articles. These articles will show the dismantling and assembling processes. We also included an article that shows how to install the breather found on the MK3 gearboxes and is recommended for pre-MK3 gearboxes.

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