Old Britts
Building The Rear Wheel

Last updated 09/11/03

As stated in the front wheel section we do not lace up wheels, but send them off to the experts at Buchanan's in California, so we will not be describing how to lace up a wheel, but we will describe what little we know in the article in this section on wheel lacing.

We also do not mount and balance tires, but take them to someone that has computer balancing equipment. We take a bag of assorted spoke weights to the wheel balancer who tapes the weights on the spokes for permanent mounting (see article in this section on permanently mounting spoke weights). We use spoke weights since they look better and do not come loose like stick on weights.

We will be building a MK3 disc rear wheel for all three bikes, but will at a future date include an article on building a rear drum wheel with costs so you can estimate the difference in costs between the disc and drum wheels.

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