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Frame Preparation for Powder Coating

Last updated 02/01/05

The first step in building a bike from parts or restoring a bike is preparing the frame and frame parts. We chose to powder coat the frame and its major components (engine mounts, battery box, swinging arm, etc.) for our bikes.

We chose powder coating over painting, because it does provide a tougher coating and is less expensive. For a concourse restoration, you would not want to powder coat the frame.

The parts listed for this step are just the parts that are to be powder coated. For restorations you may need to replace some of the frame parts - they are not listed in the restoration costs, so look at one of the other cost sections for pricing.

The frame used in the restoration project is a 1971 frame and does not have the updated side stand lug found on later frames. The 850 frames had longer top shock mounting brackets that helped support the rear frame loop. We will be upgrading this frame to the updated side stand lug and improving the rear frame loop.

Note: If you are going to rebuild your gearbox, you should read the article in Group 8 on "Dismantling and inspecting the Commando gearbox", because you may want to use your rear engine cradle to dismantle your gearbox.

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