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Lower End, Timing Side, List B

Last updated 02/12/04

This check list pertains to reassembling the cam chain, timing the cam, installing the oil pump, etc. after rebuilding the lower end of a Commando motor.

Line No. Description Check
1 Clean the timing side of the crank cases if not already done. .
2 Remove the two oil seals and the pressure release body from the timing cover. .
3 Clean the timing cover. .
4 Polish the timing cover (if required). .
5 Clean out timing cover after polishing. .
6 Clean out pressure release body. .
7 Install pressure release with new sealing washers and torque to 25 ft/lbs. .
8 Install Points oil seal with the spring facing towards the crank cases. .
9 Install crank oil seal with the spring facing in towards the timing cover and insert the circlip. .
10 Fit oil sealing disc over the crank shaft. .
11 Fit cut-away backing washer. .
12 Fit key and pinion gear with chamfered edge and timing mark facing outward. .
13 Using a new cam chain, time and fit cam gears. Use Loctite 271 on the cam threads, torque nut to 60 ft/lbs. .
14 Assemble the chain tensioner using the new rubber faced slipper. Make note: if a pre-MK3 the inner clamping plate is the thin plate. Fitment of the pre-MK3 plates are the inner plate is fitted long end down where the outer plate is fitted long end up. Torque nuts to 15 ft/lbs. Chain movement should be a max of 3/16". Chain movement _______. .
15 Oil oil pump gasket and fit onto the crank case. .
16 Prime the oil pump. .
17 Install the oil pump and worm gear. Worm gear is left hand thread. Torque the worm gear to 15 ft/lbs and the two pump fixing nuts to 12 ft/lbs.. .
18 Install the contact breaker seal alignment tool in the end of the cam and lightly oil. .
19 Fit the oil pump feed washer to the oil pump. .
20 Lightly oil the cam chain, gears and sprockets. .
21 Put gasket sealer on both sides of the timing gasket, the timing cover and the crank case. .
22 Install the timing cover. .

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