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This article covers the installation of vinyl decals. The decal is sandwiched between a backing paper and a lifting paper. The backing paper has a non-stick surface which allows the lifting paper to be separated from it with the decal still attached. The lifting paper will separate from the decal when the decal is installed in its permanent place.


To install, first place the decal on a flat surface and rub the decal to firmly fix the decal to the fixing paper. Over time the decal will come loose from one or both papers.

Rubbing the Decal

Next place the decal in its permanent place and fix the top with masking tape.

Placing the Decal

Now fold the decal up (using the masking tape as a hinge) and remove the backing paper. It works best if you pull the backing paper back onto itself so you are not applying upward pressure on the decal.

Removing backing paper

Now roll the decal back slowly making sure you don't get any big air bubbles or crease the decal. With the decal in place, rub it to firmly fix it in place and remove any air bubbles (a soft squeegee works well, but fingers also work). The last step is to remove the lifting paper slowly. This is just like removing the backing paper and also works best if you pull the lifting paper back on to itself so you are not applying upward pressure on the decal.

If you have any big bubbles, you can pierce the decal with a razor blade and remove the air. Small bubbles will disappear over time. For irregular surfaces you can first apply soapy water to the surface, which allows you to slide the decal around. This does not hamper the adhesion. A hair dryer can be used to stretch the vinyl or remove air bubbles.

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