Old Britts
Vintage Clubs

Canadian Vintage MC Group
Eric McNair
92 Sydenham St
Dundas, Ont, Canada L9H 2V3
(905) 627-4185
Idaho Vintage MC Club
Frank Batten
PO Box 7355
Boise, ID 83707
Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists
PO Box 14645
Portland OR 97214
Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts (VME)
P.O. Box 4341 Seattle, WA. 98104
Vintage Dirt Track Racers Assn.
Johnny Isaacs
4729 S 31 W Ave
Tulsa, OK 74107
Vintage Motor Bike Club
Joyce Lee
537 W Huntington
Montpelier, IN 47539
Vintage Racing Club British Colombia
Box 23393
Vancouver AMF, BC, Canada V7B 1W1
Vintage Road Racing Association (VRRA)
Contact Ken Livingstone Pres.:
(905) 434-7775, fax: (905) 434-7533
E-mail: bogus@osha.igs.net
Pat Nicholson Competition Coordinator
(613) 832-3734, fax: (613) 832-3182

Southwest Classic Trials (UK)
Website: http://btinternet.com/~mj.meadows/

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