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Power Arc options for its Advanced Electronic Ignition

Beside our standard two map Commando ignition we can now offer additional Power Arc ignitions that have additional options. The list of options now available are:

  • Four advance map ignitions.
  • Positive/Negative ground options.
  • Single fire option. This will fire each cylinder separately and requires two coils. This is only available in the four map version.
  • Program adapter on the ignition unit allowing the ignition to be programmed on the bike. All Power Arc ignitions are programmable, but without this option the unit needs to be removed from the bike.
  • 90 Degree crank option.

We will be putting more information on this page, but for now we are picturing the options and listing the prices. If more information is needed, please E-mail or call.

All prices listed are current as of 12/14/17.

  • Four advance map ignition, part number 51-150111, $258.00.
    This ignition comes negative ground, but can be upgraded to positive ground.
    This ignition is programmable and can be upgraded to be able to be programmed on the bike.
    This ignition can be set to run a 90 degree crank.
    This ignition can be set to run single fire.
    4 Map ignition

    This shows the standard four map ignition without the positive ground or program connector options.

  • Positive ground upgrade 51-150201, $12.00. All the standard two map Commando ignitions come with this option.
  • Program Connector on Ignition 51-150206, $75.00. This option can be added to the two map ignition.
    Program Connector

    This shows the program connector with the positive ground option.

  • Power Arc Single Fire Twin Wire Ignition Coil 51-150107, $120.00.

    At this time we have not worked up a mounting kit for this coil.

  • Power Arc Single Fire Single Wire Ignition Coil 51-150108, $69.00.

    The coil with its brackets.


    The coil with its brackets removed.

    At this time we have not worked up a mounting kit for this coil.

  • Program connector and cables 51-150203, $18.00.
  • Program Connector Bench Upgrade 51-150204, $45.00.

The Power Arc manual for the four advance map ignition that they call the C2 ignition.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

For basic installation information of the Commando ignition see Complete Power Arc Commando Ignition System.

Each Power Arc Map (advance curve) has four parts.
  • A curve for turning on the coil.
  • A curve for the first spark.
  • A curve for the second spark.
  • A curve for the third spark.

Generic Power Arc Map
A generic map showing the four parts to one map.

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