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12 V Dyna Coils,
Wiring Diagram & Mounting Kit

All prices listed are current as of 12/14/17.

Coil These pictures show the Dyna coil. You would use the 3 ohm coil (part # 51-100001, $80.00) with points and the
5 ohm coil (part # 51-100002, $86.99) with a Boyer Ignition.

The Boyer ignition system comes with a jumper wire to connect the two 6 volt coils in series. When you use the Dyna coil this jumper is not used and you would wire the coil as shown in the following wiring diagram.

Wiring Diagram

Mounting Kit When a Boyer ignition is installed, the ballast resister and the condenser pack are no longer used and can be removed. This allows for the Dyna coil to be mounted under the tank where the coil-resister-condenser bracket was mounted. This picture shows the mounting kit used for Commandos (part # 51-100001/MK, DROPPED)

Coil Mounted This picture shows the coil being rubber mounted, on a Commando, where the old condensers and ballast resistor were mounted using the above mounting kit.

Coil Mounted This picture shows how you would modify the mounting rubbers to fit around the coil. Scissors can be used to cut the rubber washers.

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