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Modify Customers Swingarm for MK3 Lubrication

The MK3 swingarm bushing lubrication system is much improved over the Pre-MK3 lubrication system.

The Pre-MK3 lubrication is via an oil nipple fitting (28) on one of the end caps (24 & 25). The lubrication is kept from leaking out by two O-Rings (17 & 18) held in place by a thin bolt (26) that also holds the end caps in place.

Pre-MK3 Lubrication
The Pre-MK3 lubrication parts.

The MK3 lubrication is a one time lubrication system that in theory permanently lubricates the bushings. Each bushing has two felt wicks (3 & 12) that are soaked in oil and sealed by a welch plug (5) on one end and an oil seal (4) on the other end.

MK3 Lubrication
The MK3 lubrication parts.

All that has to be done to upgrade a Pre-Mk3 swingarm is to bore out the ends to match the MK3 ends.

Swingarm ends
The Pre-MK3 swingarm bushing bore compared to the MK3 bore.

The MK3 bore diameter is 1.261" and .3" deep. Old Britts will provide this service (part number 38-600206) for $75.00 as of 12/12/17; when purchasing our electric starter conversion kit. It takes us about one hour to setup the jig to hold the swingarm and about 1/2 hour for each end. The actual milling only takes a few minutes, but the setup is extensive.

You will also need to purchase the upgrade kit (13-100005) that includes all the required parts listed above. Since the MK3 bushings are shorter than the Pre-MK3 bushings, the MK3 swingarm spindle is required and included in the upgrade kit.

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