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Stainless Allen Kit, Timing Cover, 12 Piece

The current price for this kit (part # 19-301003) is $6.00, as of 02/12/18.

The Kit

This assembly, kit or service (part # 19-301003) consists of the following items:

Ref No. Part No. Description Qty. Inc.
1 52-130103 Allen Bolt, 1/4 x 20, 1 1/4", Stainless Steel
2 52-130102 Allen Bolt, 1/4 x 20, 1", Stainless Steel


Looking at the cover with the point cover on the right. If you start lettering at the far right screw (in front of the point cover), from A and proceed clockwise to the letter L. The stock timing cover screws are three sizes, but in reality one or two sizes would work. For our stainless allen kit, only two length screws are required. Screws I, J, K and F are the long 1 1/4" screws where all the rest are medium 1" screws.

Screw Placement


Timing cover screws torque specifications are 60 - 80 in lb and tightened in the following sequence.

Torque sequence

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