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Slide Hammer

The current price for this tool (part # 06-4298) is $22.43, as of 12/14/17.

Slide Hammer

This tool removes the auto-advance cam and also the rocker spindles. The rod has 5/16 x 24 thread on one end and 5/16 x 26 thread on the other end.

To remove the auto-advance cam

Take out the center bolt and washer from the auto-advance mechanism. Insert the correctly threaded end (normally the 5/16 x 24) of the slide hammer rod into the auto-advance mechanism, ensure at least 3/8in. (9.5 mm) thread engagement, tightening into position using the rod locknut. Grasp the sliding weight firmly in the hand and slide back sharply several times to deliver a series of blows on the slide hammer rod outboard nuts. The auto-advance cam will be dislodged easily by this method.

Tool in use

To remove rocker spindle

Take off the sealing plate, locking plate and gaskets, screw the 5/16 x 26 end of the slide hammer rod at least 3/8in. (9.5mm) into the spindle and use the slide hammer as described. It will be appreciated that a range of adapters can be made. by the individual fitter, for this tool to suit many other extractor applications.

Puller in use

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