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Engine Sprocket, Clutch Center, Camshaft Sprocket Puller

The current price for this tool (part # 06-4297) is $25.81, as of 12/14/17.


To withdraw engine sprocket

Assemble the puller central bolt and long bolts. With alternator removed, position puller so that large central bolt is in line with crankshaft end. Screw long baits into threaded holes in sprocket as deeply as possible. These bolts should be screwed in an equal amount so that the assembly is not cocked to one side. Tighten the center bolt until considerable resistance is hit. Tap the sprocket smartly with a hammer and long drift; if this fails to free the sprocket. tighten the center bolt and tap again. When the sprocket pulls free of the taper, the clutch can be slid off the transmission shaft and the primary chain/sprocket assembly removed.

Puller in use

To withdraw the clutch center

Assemble the puller using the short bolts supplied. Screw these bolts into the threaded holes in the clutch center an equal amount and tighten the central bolt. Since the clutch is fitted to a splined parallel bore (no taper), little effort should be needed to withdraw it.

Puller in use

To withdraw camshaft sprocket

Assemble puller with the short bolts supplied and the two puller claws. Fit with a claw on either side of the sprocket and tighten central bolt to free sprocket from camshaft.

Puller in use

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