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Drift and Handle Set

The current price for this tool (part # 06-4292) is $51.47, as of 12/14/17.


This set includes 06-3966 contact breaker seal drift and 06-3967 crankshaft oil seal drift which are no longer available separately. The same handle is used for both drifts which are drilled and tapped to accept this.

Contact breaker oil seal drift

This drift should be used when fitting the contact breaker oil seals into the timing cover to ensure proper positioning of the seal and to prevent the seal being damaged during assembly. The drift is drilled and tapped on the back surface to accept the handle. To fit the oil seal, lightly oil the boss into which the seal fits and place the seal into position with the spring lip facing away from the timing cover. Place the drift in position and press or tap the seal down firmly.

Drift in use

Crankshaft oil seal drift

This drift should used when fitting the crankshaft oil seals into the timing cover. The drift should be fitted with the handle and used in the same manner as 06-3966 (see above); however. this seal must be positioned so that the spring and lip side faces into the timing cover boss.

Drift in use

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