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Peg Spanner Tool

The current price this tool (part # 06-3965) is $62.97, as of 12/14/17.


This tool removes and refits wheel bearing lockrings; also the end plug from the disc brake caliper. Use the large round end with square-faced pegs for removal of the rear wheel bearing lockring. (This ring has a left: hand thread).

Use the other end and smaller set of round pegs to remove the retaining ring for the front wheel bearing lockring (right hand thread).

The larger round pegs are for removal and fitting of the disc brake caliper end plug. The caliper seal plug can sometimes be very tightly fitted due to corrosion, etc. It is therefore essential that the caliper assembly be removed from the bike and carefully heated to 80 - 100 C before any attempt is made to unscrew the plug. The pegs of the removal tool are not designed to withstand the load imposed if the end plug is overly tight.

tool in use

tool in use

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