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Valve Guide Extractor and Inserter

The current price for this tool (part # 06-3964) is $98.91, as of 12/14/17.


To remove valve guides (assuming that head has already had rockers and valves removed), heat head to about 150 to 200 C. From the outside of head, place the adapter marked "EXTRACT" hollow end down over the guide. Fit the long threaded stem with the cranked handle through the guide from the combustion chamber. Screw the handle down the threaded portion of the stem and the guide will be pushed from the head into adapter portion of the tool. Repeat the process for other guides.

To insert valve guides, heat the head to about 150 - 200 C. Place the long stem with the conical fitting at the end into the cylinder head so that the conical fitting aligns with the valve seat and the long threaded portion projects out through the rocker box. Lightly oil the guide outer surface and guide bore. Slide the new valve guide, tapered end first, onto the stem, followed by the adapter marked "INSERT", hollow end first. Fit the handle and screw home to push the guide fully into the head. Repeat for the other guides.

tool in use

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