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Starting Capacitor

All prices listed are current as of 12/14/17.

From the left, Andover Norton capacitor, Economy capacitor, an original capacitor.

The starting capacitor comes into play when you are not running a battery or the battery voltage is too low to start your bike. If your battery is always fully charged, you would never need this capacitor.

We have trouble obtaining the same looking capacitor from our suppliers, but at this time this is what the capicitors look like. At this time the economy capacitor also includes the mounting spring. They are all positioned in the above picture so that the negative lead is on the right and the positive lead on the left. The positive lead sometimes has a red dot painted on this lead or next to the lead. The negative lead sometimes has a black dot painted on this lead or next to the lead. Some times the polarity is printed on the side of the capacitor, like the negative lead currently has on the Andover Norton capacitor. The original capacitor had a double male .25" wide terminal on the negative lead and a single positive .2" wide terminal. At this time, both capacitors we can obtain have a singal male .2" wide terminal on the negative lead and a single or double .25" terminal on the positive lead.

To attach a new capacitors you will need to modify your wiring harness.

  • For the capacitor with the wire leads (presently from Andover Norton) You will have to take the two separate brown/blue wires that connect to the negative lead and join them together. We will include a female terminal with these capacitors to aid in joining the two wires together. The included female terminal is a crimp, shrink and solder terminal. You can just crimp the two wires into this terminal, but if you have a heat gun, heat it up after crimping and it will melt the low heat solder and shrink the terminal cover around the wires. You may also need to crimp the .25" female connector around the male connector, if the male connector is of the smaller .2" size as in the current Andover capacitor.
  • For the capacitors with male lugs, you will have to cut the two separate brown/blue wires that are going to the negative lead, leaving enough wire at the end of the .25" wide female connectors so they can be reconnected to the harness. Connect one of these connectors to all the negative wires. Cut off the .2" wide positive connector and attach to this wire the other connector that you cut off the negative wires. This will give you a .25" wide female lead at the end of the positive wire.

The current prices for our capacitors are:
Part number 54170009, $31.75.
Part number 54170009/ER $29.08.

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