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Atlas Magneto Replacement Kit
Electronic Ignition

kit This first picture shows everything that is included in this kit. The magneto replacement unit, Lucas Rita Amplifier, Two 6 volt coils and mounts, Wiring, fasteners and instructions.

kit These next two pictures show the magneto replacement unit. kit

kit These next two pictures show the Lucas Rita amplifier. kit

kit This last picture shows the coils and fixing hardware.

The following is the installation instructions that come with this kit.

1.Mount coil(s) and amplifier on machine so they are not directly exposed to the weather, make sure the amplifier is not liable to touch easily any fixed parts.
2.Install wiring as shown in diagram taking care to ensure wires will not chafe or be trapped when petrol tanks etc. are replaced.
3.Remove magneto.
4.If an automatic advance/retard device is fitted this will have to be removed and replaced with a magneto gear with no auto advance. Our mag gear is: (11-300002).
5.Ensure pinion and nut will fit onto tapered shaft and seat properly. Old parts which have been damaged should be repaired or replaced to prevent damage.
6.Fit magneto replacement unit to engine.
7.Set crankshaft at maximum ignition advance position.
8.Set magneto replacement unit shaft with reluctor 5 mm. from pickup using spacer supplied. Check that rotation direction is correct.
9.Fit pinion and nut onto shaft. Remove timing spacer before tightening nut. Do not tap pinion to lock on to shaft as bearing damage will result causing premature failure. (Bearing life will normally be indefinite).
10.With crankshaft at maximum advance, recheck that the reluctor to pickup gap is 5 mm. by moving pickup plate with pillar studs slackened off.
11.Secure pillar studs, replace covers etc. and start engine.
Note The grommet must be turned 180 clockwise or anti-clockwise to position the radiused side of the grommet in the cover slot. Check that the cables will be clear of the reluctor when the cover is then fitted on.
12. If timing marks exist ignition can be checked used a stroboscope at 6,000 r.p.m., but this is not essential.


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