Old Britts

MK3 Starter Leads

All three starter leads/

Pricing is current as of 12/14/17. The starter leads are:

  • 06-5909 - MK3 Starter Lead, Solenoid Ground, 4 Gauge $10.00.
  • 06-5910 - MK3 Starter Lead, Battery to Solenoid, 4 Gauge $9.00.
  • 06-5911 - MK3 Starter Lead, Solenoid to Starter, 4 Gauge $10.00.

All three MK3 starter leads are copied from the original factory leads, but are made from 4 gauge wire which is more than adequate to carry the current required for the stock starter or an upgraded starter. This wire is very flexible, making it easy to replace it for the stock leads. Old Britts uses this wire for their starter conversion which uses a much stronger starter motor than the MK3 starter motor.

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