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Regulator-Rectifier, 12 Volt
Tympanium Corp.

The current price for this regulator/rectifier (part # 17-01233) is $0.00, as of 06/02/09.

Rectifier This Regulator-Rectifier permanently replaces rectifiers and zener diodes on Norton, Triumph, BSA and other English Motorcycles.

1. Remove zener diode and tape over, or cut, wire leading to it.
2. Disconnect and remove rectifier.
3. Bolt Tympanium regulator to metal part of chassis for heat-sinking. Ensure that wires disconnected from rectifier will reach regulator terminals.
4. Connect wires according to color code:
Tympanium..........Existing Wires...........Function
...Black..............Brown................B-, battery
..Yellow............Yellow/Green........ AC. Alternator
..Yellow............White/Green..........AC, Alternator
..Red Red.............Red..................Positive ground

Ground connection can be made either through bolting red lead to chassis with mounting screw if chassis is ground, or by plugging red male terminal into existing female lead if ground is made at another point of the electrical system.

This unit is warranted for 2 years from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship. Return, postage prepaid, with a copy of the sales slip showing purchase date. The unit will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Please include your return address.

For battery elimination order P. N. 701001.

NOTE: When properly mounted for good heat sinking,your Tympanium regulator-rectifier can handle up to 10 amperes or current if it is available from your bike's alternator. In permanent magnet alternator systems, the regulator limits the power available to the battery and load, it does not cause more current to be generated as is the case with most automotive systems.

Because your regulator limits the current, it may be possible for you to add charging capacity to your electrical system, at least during daylight operation. Check to see if your bike has an additional night lighting coil in parallel with the battery charging coil. If so, it is probably activated by the day/night switch that turns on the headlight. With the Tympanium regulator installed, it is quite likely that you can permanently wire that lighting coil on. If you try this technique, then be sure to check that the battery voltage does not rise above 14.8V. Check again after a long (1 hour or more) ride on your bike with the headlight off. Check the water level in your battery regularly and fill with distilled water only (available at any drug store or apothacary). If water consumption appears excessive, then recheck to see that the battery voltage is not too high with the engine running. If it is, return day/night wiring back to normal function.

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