Old Britts

Black Chrome, Non-Balanced, 1 5/8" Exhaust
for Commando's by Viking

The current price for the 1 5/8", black chrome exhaust components are:

Exhaust Pipes (right & left pipes), part # 16-100042, DROPPED.

Peashooter Muffler, each, part # 16-100302, $517.00.

Prices are current as of 12/14/17.

Exhaust System
This picture shows right side of the pipes and mufflers mounted on a 1975 MK3. The pipes are made to mount to the standard 750/850 roadster mounting brackets. This MK3 has special mounting brackets to allow the fitting of peashooter mufflers.

Exhaust System
This is the left side of the same MK3, and as you can see, the pipes clear the fatter MK3 primary case, but tuck into the frame nicely. The pipes adequately clear the side stand mount and the primary drain plug, but I placed a piece of rubber tubing over the end of the side stand so that when you snap it up, the rubber protects the muffler. I had this same problem with other mufflers so it may be the custom muffler mounting brackets.

Exhaust System
In this picture the muffler clamp is part of the muffler, but in the future, black chrome muffler clamps will be provided with each black chrome muffler.

Exhaust System
This picture shows the non-balanced pipes.

Exhaust System
These large bore mufflers are 1 5/8" straight through the muffler. The mufflers are custom made for the larger bore pipes, not modified 1 3/8" mufflers.

Exhaust System
This shows how the pipes are bent to provide a small frontal area.

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