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MK3 Black Cap Muffler
Toga NOS01 Muffler

 Toga NOS01 Muffler <BR> This picture shows the Toga Black Cap muffler for the MK3.

 Toga NOS01 Muffler detail Close up pictures of the silencers mounting lugs and the front and rear of the silencers.
 Toga NOS01 Muffler detail
 Commando Mufflers This picture shows the five Commando mufflers that Old Britts stocks. From the top to the bottom the mufflers are:
MK3 Black Cap (Toga NOS01)
Pea Shooter, Plain (Toga NOS11)
Pea Shooter, with Norton Logo (Andover 06-1978)
Pea Shooter, Smooth (Toga NOS16)

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