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Commando Caliper, Front/Rear, USED
by Fred Eaton

The current price for the used caliper (part # 06-1927/U, $235.00) as of 12/14/17.

Used caliper

Our used calipers are the bodies only and have the pistons, blanking plug, bleed nipple and seales removed. We thoroughly clean the caliper and bead blast the caliper body with glass beads. We clean the body with compressed air to make sure all beads are removed. You will need to polish the body and after you polish the body, thoroughly clean the body again with contact cleaner prior to reassembling the seals and pistons.

We sell reconditioned calipers, part number 06-1927/R for $593.44.

For instructions on how to rebuild your caliper see our technical article Commando caliper rebuild instructions.

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