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The current prices listed at the end are current as of 12/14/17.

New Rotor

This picture shows a new rotor on the right (06-1885, undrilled) and a new lightened rotor on the left (06-1885/LR, drilled for the right side).

There are two drilling patterns; 06-1885/LL - Left side pattern and 06-1885/LR - Right side pattern. The normal rotor drilling pattern is the right rotor and is used on the front of all pre-MK3 Commandos and the rear of the MK3 Commando. The left rotor is only used on the front of the MK3 Commando. The left drilling pattern is the mirror image of the right drilling pattern so the hole pattern spirals in the same direction as the right. The lightened rotor is approximately 1/2 pound lighter than the undrilled rotor.

At this time we are not offering the service to blanchard grind or lighten customers rotors. Because it takes a number of rotors to get a good price to have them blanchard ground, we have slowly acquired a number of good used rotors and are now offering an exchange service.

We now have a number of used rotors that have been blanchard ground, lightened and painted. You can purchased one of our lightened used rotors for $0.00, or if you have a good used rotor, we will give you $30.00 for your rotor.

Our used rotors are first bead blasted to remove the rust and loose paint, then surface ground and then drilled and finally painted with a high temperature silver paint. The blanchard grinding consists of first truing up the mounting surface of the rotor where it bolts to the hub, then both sides are parallel ground to the mounting surface to a tolerance of .0005".

The stock rotor is approximately .260" thick and we can grind rotors that are at least .245" thick. Rotors under this .245" thickness may yield a rotor too thin to work properly. We define a good used rotor that meets our minimum thickness and is not so badly rusted, that we can not clean it up to work properly and look good after being painted.

Rotor Before
A good rotor prior to bead blasting, grinding, lightening and painting.
Rotor After
The same rotor after bead blasting, grinding, lightening and painting.

Rotor Mounted

This picture shows a new lightened rotor (06-1885/LR) mounted on the front wheel of a Commando.

The current prices are:

  • 06-1885, New Rotor $285.00.
  • 06-1885/LR, New lightened rotor drilled for the right side. $420.00.
  • 06-1885/LL, New lightened rotor drilled for the left side. $420.00.
  • 06-1885/UR, Used rotor, blanchard ground, lightened and painted for the right side. $0.00.
  • 06-1885/UL, Used rotor, blanchard ground, lightened and painted for the left side. $0.00.

Removing the paint from brake rotor

With a painted rotor the surface where the brake pads rub against the rotor (the friction surface), that paint needs to be removed for maximum braking efficiency. Andover Norton paints new rotors and we paint our used rotors. The reason for painting the friction surface of the rotor is to keep the rotor from rusting before that rotor is put into service and to paint the holes on the lightened rotors.

The best way to remove this paint is to mount an old set of brake pads in your caliper and VERY CAREFULLY ride your bike, applying the brakes to burn off the paint. Once the paint has been removed, replace the old pads with new pads and you should be good to go.

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