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NORTON, Isolastic MK3 Conversion, Front

 Isolastic Kit This front isolastic kit comes with the following parts:
One, 06-6125, Bonded Rubber
Two, 06-5525, End Caps
Two, 06-4748, PTFE Thrust Washer
One, 06-4665, Adjuster
One, 06-5514, Abutment
One, 06-4723, Spring Clip
One, 06-5531, Set Screw
Two, 06-4674, Gaiters
 Front Mounts If you are installing this kit to a Pre-MK3 Commando, you will need to replace the Front Engine Mount (06-1410) with the MK3 Front Engine Mount (06-5510) or modify your existing mount. This picture shows the Pre-MK3 mount on the bottom and the MK3 mount on the top. To modify the pre-Mk3 mount, mill the ends down so they stick out .250" on both sides. The stock mount sticks out .350" on the left and .610" on the right. We also have a limited supply of reconditioned mounts (06-5510/A) that have been milled and black powder coated. Ask us about a rebate on your old mount when you buy one of our reconditioned mounts.

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