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Commando Front Fork Gaiter

Price for this gaiter (part # 06-5743) is $8.62 each, as of 12/14/17.

Gaiters Installed

This gaiter is 1 1/4" diameter at the top, 1 3/4" diameter at the bottom and 7 1/2" long. The bottom lip has a bead on the inside of the lip to hold the gaiter to the slider. This bead will fit in the gap between the slider and the collar. Also at the bottom is a small hole on the last fold. This hole faces to the rear of the bike when installed and allows any moisture that might accumulate to drain.

To fit the gaiter over the slider collar, you need to heat up the bottom of the gaiter with a heat gun or hair dryer. Put part of the gaiter over the collar so the bead is in the gap and with a flat screwdriver, gently work the rest of the gaiter over the collar. Be careful that you do not poke through the rubber with the screwdriver. To secure the top of the gaiter against the lower triple clamps, you can use a black wire tie.

Gaiter on slider

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