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Replacement Oil Line, Rockerfeed

The current price for this oil line (part # 06-5561/R) is $0.00, as of 12/14/17.

oil lines
This is the left over oil line from When we make up our braided steel rocker feed lines. When we make up our braided steel lines we take a factory rocker feed line and remove the banjoes. We use a heat gun to slightly heat up the ends to remove the lines from the banjoes and you can do the same to install this line on your old banjoes. We will include one long line that has a grommet and at least one spring covering, one short line and one spare plain long line, just in case you have short banjo stems and the short line is too short. The new factory lines come with long banjo stems so the short line might be too short for your application.

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