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Commando Shock, Hagon, 13"

Hagon Shocks
From left to right, stainless body with black springs, black body with black springs and black body with chrome springs.

Hagon shocks are the replacement shocks for the stock Girling shocks.

The following prices are current as of 12/12/17.

We only sell shocks in sets and the shocks that we stock are:

  • 06-2179 -- Commando Shock, Hagon, 110 lbs., 13", $214.00.
    This set is the closest to the original Girling shocks and is pictured on the right.
  • 06-2179/HD -- Commando Shock, Heavy Duty Hagon, 127 lbs 13", $232.00.
    This set looks just like the 06-2179 shock, but has heavier springs and body.
  • 06-2179/B -- Commando Shock, Hagon, Black, 110 lbs., 13", $214.00.
    This set has a black body and black springs. This shock is pictured in the middle.
  • 06-2179/SSB -- Commando Shock, SS Body Black Springs, 110 lbs., 13", $267.50.
    This set has a stainless body with black springs and is pictured on the left.

Hagon Shock Spring Adjuster
Each set of shocks comes with the Hagon shock spring adjuster for adjusting the pre-load setting.

It may be possible to special order custom shocks with different combinations of bodies or springs that we stock, so call for price estimate and estimated time to get them from Hagon.

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