Old Britts

Norton Roadster Gas Tank, Steel
No Cap Unpainted, Tested and Un-tested

Gas Tank
The side view of this gas tank.

Gas Tank
The top view of this gas tank.

Gas Tank
The front view of this gas tank.

Gas Tank
The rear view of this gas tank.

If you have the ability to pressure test the tank and weld up any leaks found, you would not need pay the additional charge for the tested tank. To this date, we have only found leaks in the welded seam around the tank. Our tested tanks are ready to be painted; you do not have to worry about the tank leaking.

Gas Tank
The tank being pressured tested.

Gas Tank
The top plug for pressure testing.

This gas tank comes from Andover Norton, but is not made in the UK

  • Gas tank as received from Andover Norton, not pressure tested, (part number 06-2026, $750.00)
  • Gas tank pressure tested and welded if required, (part number 06-2026/T, $875.00)
The above prices are current as of 04/15/14.

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