Old Britts

Norton Roadster Gas Tank, Steel
No Cap Unpainted by Emgo

Gas Tank
The side view of this gas tank.

Gas Tank
The top view of this gas tank.

Gas Tank
The front view of this gas tank.

Gas Tank
The rear view of this gas tank.

Gas Tank
The bottom view of this gas tank

This gas tank is made by Emgo. It has a baffle just like the original 850 tanks. The tanks are now coming with a pressure test warning to be performed prior to painting. We also found that when the petcock inserts were welded the bottom threads would not let the petcocks seat completely. We now pressure tests all tanks to 10psi and chase the threads on both petcock inserts.

The tank is not washed out and it is recommended you do so prior to painting and use. It is also recommended that you test fit the mounting studs and petcocks prior to painting. This tank does not come with gas cap or mounting hardware. If you need the gas cap or mounting hardware, see the appropriate group section for the year of your bike.

  • Gas tank as received from Emgo and after pressure testing and chasing the insert threads, (part number 06-2026, $475.00) and is current as of 12/14/17.

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