Old Britts

7/8" Steering Stem Washer

Prices are current as of 12/14/17.

The washers
The washers, Stock on left, Stainless on right.

  • 06-1912 -- Stock washer, $0.96.
  • 06-1912/SS -- Stainless washer, $6.79.

Stainless washer installed
The stainless washer installed.

The stainless washer will not tab over like the stock washer. What you need to do is drill a 1/16" hole in the rib of the lower yoke and the steering stem nut and safety wire as shown in the above picture. Note: You also need to break off a section of the washer and this is easily done by placing the washer in a vise and bending it over.

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