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Fork Slider Collar

Prices are current as of 12/14/17.


We stock three fork slider collars:

  • Stock Andover Norton collar (part # 06-1137) is priced at $13.49 each. The two shown on the left in the above picture are the stock collars.
  • The stock Andover Norton collar with a hex milled into the top (part # 06-1137/H) is priced at $93.00 for a set of two. The two shown on the right in the above picture are the modified collars.

We modify the stock collars to make them easier to install and remove. You normally need to use a pipe wrench to remove and install the stock collar, which tends to damage the outside of the collar. Our modified collars can be installed or removed with a large crecent wrench. The collar is always covered up by a boot or gaiter, so the damage caused by a pipe wrench is not seen, but you have damaged a good part, and if not careful, you could also damage the aluminum slider.

Hex Collar under a gaiter
The above picture shows the modified collar under a gaiter and the next picture shows the modified collar prior to installing the gaiter.

Hex Collars on Fork

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