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Norton Commando Swingarm Pivot Spindle

Pivot Spindle

All pivot spindles have the 1/4 X 28 bolt hole and the two flats for the cotter locating pins. The stock MK2A spindle was the same length as the MK3 spindle, but only required the 1/4 X 28 bolt hole and now that the MK3 spindle also has this bolt hole, it will work for both models. We stock three swingarm pivot spindles:

  • 06-0453 - Swingarm Pivot Spindle, Pre-MK2A, .8745" OD
  • 06-4077 - Oversized Spindle for (06-0453), +.005, .8795" OD
  • 06-5053 or 06-4699 - Swingarm Pivot Spindle, MK2A & MK3, .8745" OD.

The price for any spindle (06-0453, 06-4077, 06-5053 or 06-4699) is $93.74 as of 12/14/17.

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