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Superblend Roller Bearing, Crankshaft

In the past we stocked two types of superblend roller bearings for the crankshaft. Both bearings were supplied by Andover Norton to factory specifications. Andover Norton has decided that the C3 bearing is the best application for all Commandos and is not selling the original CN bearing. We have a limited number of the CN bearing left in stock and when they are sold, that is all we will be able to get from Andover.

  • part number 06-4118/N, C Normal clearance recomended for original crank and crank cases, $0.00.
  • part number 06-4118, C3 clearance recomended for new crank and/or new crank cases, $71.00.
The prices quoted are current as of 12/14/17.

Internal clearance is the play within a ball bearing. This is the clearance between the inner ring, outer ring and ball. This clearance is defined by the C number. The common C clearance numbers are:

  • C2 - Clearance fit on both inner and outer ring. Low to no axial loading. No preload. Low speeds. Little tolerance for play. Low temperature.
  • C Normal - Low torque. Standard loads. Light preload. Slight interference fit on inner or outer ring, not both. Low to medium speeds. Average temperature.
  • C3 - Very low torque. High loads. Heavy interference fits. High temperature. Preloaded.

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